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Making the Brand- Customer Experience with Chris Brogan

Sep 30, 2019

Should you start a podcast? Or a YouTube channel? What do you need to know? I've got a podcast jumpstart if you want to get launched quickly. 

Sep 26, 2019

Charlie Gilkey is smart. Check out his new book, Start Finishing

Sep 9, 2019

In this, I talk through the concept of Monday resets. I give you four words as your program: forgive, refuel, target, connect. It'll make sense once you dig in. Sponsored by Thinkific: go to to check it out! 

Jun 3, 2019

Jason Kintzler runs LifeKey but I met him years ago when he launched PitchEngine. It's totally worth hearing from this smart entrepreneur with all kinds of success advice to share from his years of very hard work. 

May 27, 2019

Rorke Denver is a former US Navy Seal Commander, bestselling author, Hollywood movie actor, and leadership speaker and coach. I was happy to catch up with him after a few years and see what's new in his world. 

His book is Damn Few. His movie is Act of Valor. Really swell dude!

I put this out on Memorial Day to pay...